Who is a Trusted Advisor?

Who is a Trusted Advisor?

“The trusted advisor is the person whom you call immediately when an issue first arises, often in times of great urgency: a crisis, a change, a triumph, or a defeat.”

The Term ‘Trusted Advisor’ you can relate to both professional and personal life. Let’s say, if you have any problem, you immediately call one person, he may be your friend or relative or anyone you know. That person is your trusted advisor. We can relate the same to our professions. 

None of us started our career as a Trusted Advisor. We usually start the relationship as a vendor. The customer gives you some tasks. We can work on a particular task or services. On the next level, we can suggest something to the customer on the services we do. When we do excellence in the services we do, customers believe us and involve us in other areas, though we are not experts in that area. When we continue performance excellence on everything, customers start trusting us and they get you involved in the complex business strategy. Now, we are a Trusted Advisor for that customer. 

What are all the benefits you get, if you are a Trusted Advisor for your customer

  1. The Customer always reaches you first for any advice. 
  2. Bring you in for more advanced and complex business strategy. 
  3. Be inclined to accept and act on your recommendations. 
  4. Treat you as you wish to be treated.
  5. Share more information, that helps you to help them. 
  6. Pay our invoices/bills without any questions. 
  7. Refer you to their friends and other businesses.
  8. Forgive you when you make any mistakes.
  9. Protect you when you need it.
  10. They Respect you.

Each one of you must have a Trusted Advisor and they advise you for your most important business, career, and even for personal discussions. 

If you have a Trusted Advisor, What are all the characteristics you are able to relate to from the above benefits which I mentioned? 

Can you share any of the recent incidents you noticed that make you feel like you are a Trusted Advisor for your customer?

Ref: The Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister, Charles H.Green, Robert M. Galford.

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