How to Successfully Plan a Business Trip to Multiple Destinations

When you have a business trip, it’s very important to have a plan as you will have several questions to be figured out in order to execute a successful business trip. Here are some key points which would help you in planning, and executing your trip well.

  • Always plan your travel ahead of time, it helps to save a lot on travel fares. Book your flights and hotels in advance.
  • Take down the list of key accounts you are going to meet.
  • Find out their current location, this is very important, Please do not assume they are in the same place as they were on your last visit. 
  • Once you have got their location, the next is to note it down, Write down the Account/Stakeholder’s Name, and the location. You can do this in a paper or an e-note whichever you prefer, this would act as your navigator/guide throughout the trip.
  • Now, as you have the list of addresses with you, next is to select your arrival and departure point for the entire trip,i.e where you want to arrive first and which one would be your final destination. This will help you in putting up the roadmap/timeline.
  • If you are traveling to the States, I personally prefer to go to the East coast first and then travel through the West Coast. This way you can save a lot of time. You may lose a day of time if you choose to travel from West to East. 
  • Now, If you’re someone who wants to travel from the West coast to the East coast, please take a red-eye flight, this way you can travel overnight and connect with the Stakeholders during their Daytime. 
  • If you have two to three accounts in the same location, plan your time accordingly, so that you can also visit your other clients along with the primary/prioritized ones.
  • Find the nearest location from your start point and follow the same throughout the trip. 
  • Above all, when you meet with a client on a business trip it is important to stay energetic and fresh. So, it is always good to reach a day earlier, so that you can get a good time to take a rest and start fresh. 
  • Please stay at the hotel close to your meeting location. It helps to avoid traffic when you travel in the morning. 
  • Do not forget to update your calendar for all the meeting agendas/notes. Travel, stay itinerary. I use a tool ‘Trippit’ which makes my entire travel plan a lot easier.

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Cover photo credit: Pedro Lastra

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